9 Beauty Mistakes that may cause you to Look Older Than your Age :


Make-up will enhance face expression, produce an immature glow and cause you to feel smart. however it will still get it wrong – be it victimization of candid shade or neglecting bound options. These mistakes will cause you to look older than you’re.

Applying a Lighter or Darker Shade of Foundation: A white-looking foundation or mixing a darker shade foundation will mar your whole makeup look. It’s necessary to try and do base makeup properly, and for that, selecting the correct shade of foundation that matches your complexion is crucial.

Plucking Eyebrows Too Thin: Rule favorite to seem younger is to fill within the brows nicely and that’s why over-plucked and skinny brows do the precise opposite. form the brows to a medium thickness and if you’ve got lighter brows, then fill them in with pencil or powder and wax.

Not Moisturizing Skin Well Before Applying Makeup: Well-moisturized skin appears soft, supple, and younger. Skipping the moisturizer before applying makeup can highlight fine lines and wrinkles, therefore ne’er skip the moisturizer.

Applying Dark Lip Liner: the most important createup bungle we will make is to line the lips with an especially dark lip liner and so filling within the lips with a lighter shade. It’s an obsolete makeup technique and you ought to wholly refrain from doing so.

Too Much Blush on the apple of the cheeks: an excessive amount of blush on the apple of the cheeks doesn’t cause you to look freshman or younger. employing a lightweight hand whereas applying blush and do bear in mind to mix the blush properly.

Too Much Highlighter: Well, your instagram feed could force you to believe that there’s nothing as an excessive amount of highlighter, however in point of fact, applying highlighter heavily will ruin your whole look. Use highlighter with a lightweight hand and your skin would glow and appear beamy.

Excessive Application of Makeup Powder: Well-moisturized and bedewed skin tends to seem contemporary and younger, and an excessive amount of powder makes the makeup seem dry and cakey. So, put down the powder merchandise and let the supple skin show through

Not Following the correct Contouring Technique: With contouring, you’ll be able to sculpt your face the approach you would like. You highlight what you wish to bring forward and need attention at and you contour that you just want to recede or don’t want attention on. If you’ve got a plump nose, you’ll be able to draw skinny strips of contour and highlight within the middle, it might provide an illusion of a diluent nose. If you’ve got a broad forehead, then a touch of contouring on the forehead would provide you with an illusion of a smaller forehead. If you’ve got a tiny low chin, you’ll highlight your chin and it might make your chin look longer. It’s all about making an illusion with makeup. However, contouring the incorrect approach will cause you to look older.

Not mixing Foundation Properly: Makeup sponges and brushes facilitate mixing foundation higher, however even with them, we have a tendency to go away harsh lines behind that tends to settle into fine lines and intensify them. So, do take your own sweet time mixing the muse, victimizing the correct tools.

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